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Margarita Mary



Meet Margarita Mary! Mary has over 30 years of karaoke hosting experience. She originally started as a patron, but decided that shows were missing that something special - they needed to be more fun and entertaining. Mary believes that a karaoke show should be more than just a KJ calling the next singer, thus Margarita Mary's karaoke was born. Her favorite drink is Liquid Ice Vodka, her favorite bands are Sugarland and Little Big Town & her favorite song to sing is "You and I" by Lady Ga Ga.



 Paul is well versed in crazy! He's been singing as long as he can remember.  He is big on face to face  and wonders if he is the last person on earth that thinks everyone should just "unplug".  Paul has a love/hate relationship with MN - if it weren't for the hot summers and the outdoor fun with his teenage son, the winters wouldn't be worth it. He's been hosting karaoke for over 10 years and still loves almost every minute of it! He's a non-stop energy that just wants to have a fun time singing and dancing the night away.



 This is Laurie! She's been with our team over 5 years now. She loves making sure you are having a great time at her shows, making sure to include the regulars and the new patrons that come in to have fun!  When she isn't running shows, she spends time with her 4 kids, her youngest in sports,, and has her grandson in the evenings.  Her favorite song to sing for you is Me Too, by Meghan Trainor or Parachute by Chris Stapleton. She loves karaoke, because everyone deserves a chance to sing and have fun, even if you don't think you sound as good as the person before or after! We are here to have a fun time, and she can't wait to see you at her next show!  Stop on in and meet this personality you don't want to miss!! 



 Jon is new to the Karaoke family!  He has a passion for singing which he expresses by singing with and directing a volunteer choir.  He also enjoys singing with his wife and four kiddos and is very excited that his oldest at 9 is already practicing for her first musical!  He loves to meet new people so be sure to introduce yourself to him and tell him your favorite song to sing.  His is Creep by Radiohead!   



 This is Brian.  He is new to our Karaoke family but has been singing at our shows for about 5 years.  Singing has always been his passion and he has been doing it since he was 14 years old!  He has a wide variety of music he likes to sing and can sing with the best of them..  In his spare time he loves spending time with his family and coaching his sons' in baseball.  He has a lot of energy and always makes sure you are having a fun time!  Come out and meet Brian at one of the shows!! 



 Sabrina recently joined our team.  She will be starting graduate school at the University of Minnesota and will be a Spanish teacher by day, and by night she rocks the microphone singing anything from Carrie Underwood to Miley Cyrus at the shows!  Like all of our wonderful KJs, Sabrina loves seeing everyone getting their own chance to be the rock-star. Aside from singing, she enjoys singing the National Anthem at sporting events and just did for the Gophers just recently.  You definitely won't regret jamming out at one of her shows!   



 Dustin is our newest KJ! Come on out and introduce yourself to Dustin and welcome him to the family! 



 This is Savannah! She is new to the karaoke scene but that does not mean she does not know what she is doing!  She has performed in musical theater since she was 14 and has got up on stage to sing with her dad (who is in a band) plenty of times.  She's quiet and shy at first but once you get to know her you will realize she's very fun and has high energy. She works 3 jobs and goes to college.  In her spare time- she likes to listen to her vinyl records, watch old movies, play video games, color and of course- SING!    



 Meet Pat! He loves getting new singers, as well as the regulars, in front of the mic and thinks the cure to stage fright is good company and a beer in hand. When Pat isn’t supporting singers on stage, keeping the dance floor moving, or singing, he works as a corporate strategist during the day, and in the winter, coaches varsity wrestling. Fun facts: Pat is a retired mixed martial artist (fought on TV in the UFC!), can speak intermediate Swedish, and is a 7th-generation St. Paulite!  Come out and Jam with Pat at his next show!